Cute thermal bag

I made the first little crochet thermal bag for Christmas for my daughter when she was few months old. I wanted to give her something nice to play with, but I also wanted to have a little thermal bag to keep her first water cup warm during the winter. The shape of this water cup with handles on both sides was making the universal thermal bags for baby bottles useless. Now she is sometimes keeping herself occupied looking at the little figures and touching them and we also keep food container or a cup and a bib inside. I am very happy as it proved to be a popular little thing and lots of people were asking me to make one for them too. £25

Easter eggs

Three Eggs
As Easter is fast approaching, we made some decorations for the house – Funny Easter Eggs and a pom-pom chick. The eggs we made using real egg shells, that we covered in paint and wool and some left over pieces of ribbon. I will hang them by the mirror in the hall. Continue reading

Crochet door window curtain

Our front door has this beautiful window but it was looking rather plain. So I made this little Crochet Door Window Curtain to cover it up, but light was still getting trough. I’ve used just left over cotton thread, which was laying at the bottom of my craft box for years.

Little window curtain

This curtain made of old pieces of fabric made the life a little bit easier, as I didn’t need to explain any more why the sun is still shining outside if it’s time for bed. I made it very thick – with few layers of dark fabric and the light doesn’t go through.